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How to Send Money

IFS Currency Limited aims to provide you with a convenient service. You can get in touch by:

  • Visiting one of our branches
  • Sending money through here

  • Our Customer Service Advisors in our branches or our Agents will assist you throughout your money transfer process. You may be required to get registered with us. During this registration process you will be required to fill out a simple registration form with basic information about yourself and your very first beneficiary. The Customer Service Advisor or the Agent may ask for your identification documents (as described in the Remittance Guidelines section). They will scan your documents and return to you immediately. The registration process will take only 7-8 minutes.

    Please do not forget to take the receipt of the transaction signed by the person who served you. The signed receipt is the proof of your transaction, and you will be required to produce the copy of this receipt in the event of any complaints or claims.